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Dating gifte Næstved
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Being mentioned in a German Encyclopaedia was breathtaking.

It was Xavier Marmier’s essay about Andersen’s ”La vie d’un poète” from Revue de Paris, and H. Andersen was tremendously proud about being placed among such prominent persons.

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First one must turn to the valuable Karen Brahe’s Library.

Located at the Det Adelige Jomfrukloster (Home for unmarried daughters of the nobility).

In 1838 the library was located on the ground floor and consisted of some 9,000 volumes and among these were a tremendously distinguished collection of Greek and Latin literature.

Not to mention an outstanding book collection on theological, Oriental, historical and literary history topics.

was, however, not a part of their collection and Henriette Hanck had to continue her walk to Vestergade no. This building no longer exists but back then it let three rooms to the Society of Readers founded on January 30 the same year. Hanck – a very artistic man who made watercolour paintings of Odense and region - some of them of H. 25-27 – where chancellor Hempel had his bookshop, Rental Library and news paper business.

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