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Dating haller clocks
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They run silently, needing to be set every one to two weeks, and wound whenever they run down (typically every 9 - 13 months).Since they are mechanical, don't expect them to be as accurate as modern quartz clocks!

Then the movement is assembled, lubricated, adjusted and tested. (I give a price range to allow for parts or extensive repairs that may be needed.

If the clock is in very bad condition and the price will be higher, I will notify you before starting the repair.) The price will be at the low end if the movement is in excellent condition and the pivots don't need polishing.

Bill's Clockworks is located in Flora, Indiana (about an hour north of Indianapolis). The movement of your clock is disassembled, cleaned and examined.

If you are too far away to visit us, we'll be happy for you to send your 400 day clock to us for repair. We polish any rough pivots, replace the mainspring if necessary, repair or replace any damaged parts, and do a final cleaning. The suspension spring is the thin flat wire that the pendulum hangs on.

The torsion pendulum was invented by Robert Leslie in 1793.

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