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Dating Ishøj
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In 1988, during the third and final stage of ‘Freeze’, Hirst painted two near-identical arrangements of coloured spots onto the wall of the warehouse.

He called the works ‘Edge’ (1988) and ‘Row’ (1988).

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The application must contain info on the applicant and crew, motivation for making the project, detailed project info and info on the graduation film.

What happens during Nordic Talents The main focus of the event is the Pitching Sessions. The graduation films of the students who pitch are screened before they go on stage.

In 2012 Gagosian Gallery exhibited over 300 spot paintings across eleven gallery spaces worldwide.

Conceived of as a single exhibition, ‘The Complete Spot Paintings 1986 - 2011’ fulfilled Hirst’s longstanding ambition to show the works together.

So far only one returning Syria fighter in Denmark has been charged with joining a terrorist organisation.

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