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Dating steyr
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In the 1970s, Steyr developed an innovative assault rifle, the St G 77.

A bullpup design, the St G 77 extensively utilized synthetic materials, and integrated fixed optics.

The first letter represents the month of manufacture.

my butt plate is "large indention with I bar running the entire length". but i have one on my $119 century good cracked stock (no crack found) it also has taller front sight blade,and barrel is not stepped up in front of front sight and behind front sight.

short sight ladder marked to 22 on left and 24 in center.

In 1926 the company changed its name to "Steyr-Werke".

The production of Steyr Mannlicher weapons continued in cooperation with Patronenfabrik Solothurn AG at Zuchwil in neutral Switzerland.

Regards, Doc AV AV Ballistics The Only date to be found on an Austro-Hungarian M95 is the "Acceptance Date" ( Wn-Eagle- Date OR Crown Bp Date) Wn==Vienna, Bp==Budapest; This was the year in which the manufactured rifle was "accepted" into either Imperial service (Wn) or Hungarian Service (Bp); some early models were marked "Lw" ( Landwehr, or "reserve" forces).

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