Farmerdating Høje-Taastrup Österreich kennenlernen

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Farmerdating Høje-Taastrup
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It was made by Bjørn Nørgaard, and was inaugurated on 4 December 1986.

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Farmerdating Høje-Taastrup

Høje-Taastrup Kommune is a municipality (Danish, kommune) in Region Hovedstaden on the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in eastern Denmark.

The municipality covers an area of 78 km² (30 mi²), and has a total population of 48,853 (1 April 2014).

The street was extensively renovated in the past few years, and provides a traditional, Danish outdoors shopping environment.

Some of the shops is Matas,cafe mango,a comic shop,pizza parlors,barbers, Grocery stores and jewelry stores.

The three arches have become a symbol of the municipality, and have given rise to the moniker "The City of Arches" (Danish: Buernes By, which in a play on words sounds remarkably similar to the phrase Byernes By or "The City of Cities").

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