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Secret casual Erfurt
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So the shoot needed to be sometime during his rare visits in Germany.Unfortunately our schedule is note very flexible right now, it’s super high season as many of you know, so we could not make it to Erfurt.

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It’s this diversity of images that keeps Erfurt lingering in my mind a year after visiting this fascinating town.

One minute you’re crossing a medieval bridge with dozens of houses and quaint little shops built along its length, and the next you’re watching a full-blown opera on the monumental stairs leading up to St. You can also see one of the world’s few remaining professional puppet makers create fairy tale marionettes, and then you can sit down to a hearty meal of potato dumplings, roast beef, and red cabbage salad.

It was pretty cold and we did not know if the weather will be kind, but it was, and we also got a couple of fantastic evening light right at the end of the shoot.

We would like to thank you Ardya and Imal so much for the fun times and for the effort you put into all this to make it happen.

The mosque is being constructed for the Ahmadiyya Muslims in the area.

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