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Single leisnig
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For I did not take pleasure as the many do in those who speak much, but in those who teach what istrue, nor in those who relate foreign precepts, but in those who relate the precepts which were given by the Lord to the faith and came down from the Truth itself.

And also if any follower of the Presbyters happened to come, I would inquire for the sayings of the Presbyters, what Andrew said, or what Peter said, or what Philip or what Thomas or James or what John or Matthew or any other of the Lord's disciples, and for the things which other of the Lord's disciples, and for the things which Aristion and the Presbyter John, the disciples of the Lord, were saying.

The word logia , meaning "oracles", is frequently at the present day taken to refer to sayings, as opposed to narratives of Our Lord's actions (so Zahn and many others).

But Lightfoot showed long ago (Essays on Supernatural Religion, 171-7) that this view is untenable.

The same meaning is given to the word by Clement of Alexandria .

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